General Information
Final Paper Submission

Kindly note there are 5 steps for final paper submission!

Step 1 : Create (if you do not have an account) an IEEE PDF eXpress™ account at IEEE PDF eXpress Login Page (

Step 2 : Use Conference ID 40281X for IEEE PDF eXpress.

Step 3 : Upload your paper for Conversion, and/or PDF for Checking. (Follow the instruction:

Step 4 : !!!Very Important!!!
As shown in Figure 1, after you successfully pass the compatibility check , you will receive a notification e-mail from IEEE PDF eXpress website named “IEEE PDF eXpress Site Services: New PDF is ready (PaperID XXXXXXX)” within 24 hours. There will be an attached PDF file in this e-mail. Please upload the attached pdf files (camera-ready papers) to ACES 2017 website ( Follow the guide in Figure 2. (Kindly note to take down the 4-digtis which will be useful in step5).

Step 5 : !!!Very Important!!!
As shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2, print this confirmation email from IEEE eXpress (not the camera-ready paper) and save it into PDF format. The name of this confirmation PDF file is 4 digits in the ACES 2017 website as shown in Figure 2 (e.g. 2342.pdf). Then send that confirmation file to our conference email ( as an attachment. The email subject line or topic is the name of PDF (e.g. 2342).

Figure 1: Guideline for dealing with confirmation e-mail.

Figure 2: Guideline of dealing with ACES 2017 paper submission website