Risk Management & Quantitative Finance Centre

Risk Management & Quantitative Finance Centre

At the end of 2014, NUS Risk Management Institute and NUS Centre for Quantitative Finance jointly set up a center at NUS Suzhou Research Institute – Risk Management & Quantitative Finance Centre. The aim of this new centre is to promote international exchange, training, and research on risk management and quantitative finance in China.

Investigators (in alphabetical order)


Dai Min

Principal Investigator


QIN Cong

Research Fellow


Steven Kou
Principal Investigator

Research Areas

1. Financial Risk Management

2. Financial Derivative Pricing

3. Investment Strategy

4. Credit Rating  

Research Programme

Research Projects
(1) Risk Management, Credit Rating, and Financial Management
(2) Investment Strategy
(3) Fixed Income Pricing

Training Programs
(1) Banking and Financial Risk Training
(2) Asset Pricing Training

Education Programs
(1) Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MFE)
(2) Master of Science in Quantitative Finance (MQF)

Recent Events

1. Risk Management & Quantitative Finance Forum,15-16 May 2015, Suzhou, China
2. 2015 Graduate Summer School on Quantitative Finance, 3-13 July 2015, Suzhou, China

3. Singapore-Suzhou Workshop on Quantitative Finance, 12-13 July 2015, Suzhou, China

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