Laboratory of Advanced 3D Bioprinting

Laboratory of Advanced 3D Bioprinting

Research efforts are dedicated to the preparation, fabrication and application of novel nanoscale materials. Inorganic, organic, hybrid and composite nanomaterials are investigated and their extraordinary properties and performances are characterized and exploited. The nanomaterials are expected to play critical roles in new materials, new energy, biomedical technology and other important areas.

Investigators (in alphabetical order)


Fuh, Ying Hsi Jerry

Principal Investigator


Sun Jie
Senior Investigator

Research Interests

(1) Bio-ink Preparation
– Bioactive & Antibacterial

– Bio-ink Synthesis

(2) Structure, Fabrication & Performance

– Coating Structure, Fabrication & Performance

– Scaffolding Structure, Fabrication & Performance

– Hybrid Fabrication System

– Biomimetic Device Fabrication

(3) Technology Development & Commercialization

– 3D Food Printer

– Biofabrication System


(1) Fabrication of 3D Multi-Material Functional Coating via Micro-Dispensing System

(2) 3D Micro/Nano-Scaffold Fabrication using Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing System

(3) Controllable Fabrication of Porous Bio-material Scaffolds Based on Extrusion Deposition

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