YUK Hyun-Gyun

YUK Hyun-Gyun


B. Sc., Kyungnam University 1997

Ph. D, Mississippi State University 2003

Postdoc, University of Florida 2007, USDA 2009

E-mail: chmyukhg@nus.edu.sg

Research Interests            

Research in food microbiology and safety laboratory focuses on improving microbiological safety of foods including bacterial stress adaptive response, intervention and preservation technologies, and molecular based rapid detection methods.

1. Bacterial stress adaptive response

Our research focuses to elucidate how foodborne pathogens can survive in adverse environments with lipidomics, genomics and proteomics tools. This research also includes evaluating the survivability of foodborne pathogens adapted under various stress conditions in a simulated dynamic gastrointestinal model.

2. Intervention and preservation technologies for enhancing food safety

Our researches are conducted to develop, improve, and evaluate physical, chemical, and biological intervention technologies to enhance the quality and safety of foods.

3. Improvement of molecular-based detection of foodborne pathogen in foods

The rapid and accurate identification of bacterial pathogens from food samples is important, both for food quality assurance and to trace outbreaks of bacterial pathogens within the food supply. Therefore the purpose of this research is to develop or improve rapid detection tools using molecular and immunological methods. Our research projects also include developing appropriate microbiological media for the recovery of environmentally stressed or injured foodborne pathogens from foods to shorten enrichment time.

Representative Publications            

1. Nguyen, H. D. N. and Yuk, H. G*. Changes in resistance of Salmonella Typhimurium biofilms formed under various conditions to industrial sanitizers. Food Control, 29:236-240.

2. Huang, Y., Ghate, V., Phua, L., and Yuk, H. G*. Prevalence of Salmonella and Vibrio spp. in seafood products sold in Singapore. Journal of Food Protection, 75(7):1320-1323.

3. Yuan, W. Q., Ágoston, R., Lee, D., Lee, S. C. and Yuk, H. G*. 2012. Influence of lactate and acetate salt adaptation on Salmonella Typhimurium acid and heat resistance. Food Microbiology, 30:448-452.

4. Seow, J., Ágoston, R., Phua, L., and Yuk, H. G*. Microbiological quality of fresh vegetables and fruits sold in Singapore. Food Control, 25:39-44.

5. Chen, J. H., Ren, Y., Seow, J., Liu, T., Bang, W. S. and Yuk, H. G*. 2012. Intervention Technologies for Ensuring Microbiological Safety of Meat: Current and Future Trends. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 11:119-132.

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