Sun Jie

Sun Jie


PhD, National University of Singapore (NUS), 2005

MS, Dalian University of Technology (DLUT), 1995

BS, Dalian University of Technology (DLUT), 1992


Research Interests 

Research area: Artificial Intelligence, Monitoring System, Biofabrication
Dr Sun Jie works under Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore. Her research interest covers a broad spectrum of biofabrication technology , such as fabrication of scaffold for 3D cell culture, fabrication of bio-inspired composite coating via E-spray, and fabrication of biomimetic scaffold via E-jetting.


                      (a) SEM image of scaffold  (b) Live/dead staining (c) sGAG production    (d) Genes expression   

                                                              Figure 1 Biological test on meniscal scaffold

Representative Publications            

1. J. Sun, Thian Eng San, J.Y.H Fuh, Chang Lei, and G.S. Hong, Fabrication of Bio-Inspired Composite Coatings for Titanium Implants Using Micro-dispensing Technique, Microsystem Technologies, Vol 18, No 12 , pp 2041-2051, 2012

2. J. Sun, L. Chang, E.S. Thian, J. L. Li, J.Y.H. Fuh, G S Hong, Y.S. Wong and W. Wang, Bio-Inspired Organic-Inorganic Composite Coatings for Implants via. Micro-Dispensing Technique, Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 500, (2012): 662-672

3. Sun, J., Rahman, M., Wong, Y.S., Hong, G.S., Multi-classification of Tool Wear with Support Vector Machine by Manufacturing Loss Consideration, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, Vol. 44, No.11, pp.1179–1187, 2004

4. Sun, J., Hong, G. S., Wong, Y. S., Rahman, M. and Z.G. Wang, Effective Training data selection in Tool Condition Monitoring System, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, Vol. 46, No. 2, pp. 218-224, 2006

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