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OPEN ENROLLMENT: 2017 Winter Programme

Since the inception of our institute in 2010, we have successfully organized more than 50 cultural immersion programs for participants to understand and learn about China’s past, present and future. These programs range from a short few days (experiencing mainly Suzhou area) to 6 weeks (experiencing China). Hundreds of overseas students and teachers from nearby South-East Asia countries to far away Morocco, have completed our programs. Their feedbacks have been very positive, and we have since extended our offerings to beyond students from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Our targeted participants are from junior colleges, senior high schools and higher. By far we have students from more than 10 universities and colleges, such as National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), University of Western Australia, Apeejay Stya University (India), Edhec Business School, Pioneer Junior College, Institute of Technology and Education, Millennia Institute, Anderson Junior College, Apeejay College of Fine Arts and Apeejay Institute of Design (India).

In organizing these programs, we have been pro-active to assist participants from the day they sign-up our programs till the end of the programs and beyond. Before the arrival, we work with participants to support their VISA applications by providing NUSRI’s invitation letters to visit China. Upon the moment of arrival in China, we take care of their well-being (accommodation, transportation, some special meals, and learning activities). In general, we use English mainly to run the activities as our participants are not necessarily proficient in Chinese language. For some exceptional cases, we provide English facilitators to run the activities as trainers or masters of, for example, art related activities, generally speak only local language. As for accommodation, we usually reserve comfortable hotels nearby to NUSRI or in the downtown.

Our programs are planned from the following groups of activities. For an open enrollment program, we usually promote it 4 months in advance. Also, we are happy to custom make a program for a homogenous group of participants.   


A. Academic Courses

Besides our NUS academic courses that we bring from Singapore to Suzhou that are thought by faculty members from NUS within NUSRI, we mount courses run by our partner universities nearby NUSRI. For NUS courses, we have done previously an energy related course, a course on China culture, and some IT courses. Besides these, we are working towards running more NUS courses in, for example, environmental issues, entrepreneurship, innovation, business, etc. The duration of a course is typically no less than 1 week and can be done within 2 weeks or up to 4 weeks. Each is equivalent to a semester course in a typical university of around 35 to 40 lecture hours, plus other hours on discussion and assessments.



B. Cultural Activities 

Suzhou is located in the so-called Yangtze River area. It is culturally rich, and is nearby to major cities like Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Wuxi. A little farther are also scenic places like Yangzhou and Huangshan Mountain. We usually plan for outdoor exploration to these places to understand history and culture in China. Besides outdoor activities, we also bring to class interesting DIY art works, such as calligraphy, tea art, bonsai art, Chinese knot, paper cutting, tai chi martial art, dumpling making, and rock painting, fan painting etc. These DIY have often been rated highly by participants.


  1. Making Dumplings: a kind of traditional food popular in China.

  2. Tea Art: use different methods and tools to appreciate different kinds of tea.

  3. Paper Cutting: use to celebrate festivals and decorate home.

  4. Bonsai Art: explore the harmony between nature and human beings.

  5. Chinese Calligraphy: regarded by many Chinese as their supreme artistic achievement.

  6. Tai Chi: a kind of barehanded competition with slow rhythm and gentle movement.

  7. Rock Painting: paint with the original color of rocks.

  8. Chinese Knot: Chinese traditional decoration with good blessing. 


C. Industrial Visits 

NUSRI is located in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) – a joint-venture between the Singapore and China government some two decades ago. There are now close to 300 Fortune 500 companies in the park. We can arrange visits to some of these companies, and have lessons on the development of the industrial park plus visits to SIP exhibition hall showcasing the history of the park. Besides these industrial visits, upon arrival in Shanghai Pudong Airport (a common international airport close to Suzhou) or Hangzhou International Airport, we often catch the opportunities to visit companies in Shanghai or Hangzhou before coming to Suzhou. These companies are such as NCS Shanghai, Alibaba Hangzhou and other Singapore related companies, as well as start-up / IT companies.



All in all, we want to provide sufficient information for participants before the start of their immersion programs in China with us, and leave behind still some amount of time for participants to explore places on their own. Please feel free to explore good memories of our participants in the webpages under this category to get a better idea of our programs.

Do feel free to write to ask if you have further questions and suggestions for us to work together. Email address is:  


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