NUSRI Enterprise Space

NUS Incubator provides incubation office space and services to tech companies that leverages Suzhou as a lanchpad into China market.

NUSRI Incubator aims to differentiate ourselves by providing high value added services to tech startups in the following areas:

–         Networking with China entrepreneurs, VC, government officials.

–         Mentoring with business strategies

–         Mentoring with grant raising strategies

–         Business development

–         Technology access to NUSRI and NUS technology  bale

–         Incubation of the international excellent high-tech enterprises

–         Creating efficient integrated incubating environment
–         Helping start-ups to achieve success

–         Creating a positive interactive terminal -to- terminal incubator ecosystem
–         Focusing on providing high value-added services for incubatee

–         Establishing high-standard international incubation center

–         Establishing an international demonstration zone of China – Singapore cooperation

On-Site Incubatees

Blue Amber Pte. Ltd

Blue Amber (Suzhou) Co. Ltd is a medical treatment technology company founded by James Zhang. With the technology licensed by Singapore A*STAR, Blue Amber will provide contactless vital signs monitor devices and solutions for hospital and home in China market. Its product has advantages of high sensitivity, strong stability and low cost. In 2014, it has developed working product prototypes and is now ready for mass market production in 2015.

BioNano Technology Pte. Ltd

The company was founded by Dr. Sheu Fwu-Shan, who is a former NUS professor. He was awarded SIP Talent Grant in 2008. The company was established in SIP in 2008, with its main product in technology based sewage treatment system using nano scale bubbles. The main business of BioNano is: 1. treatment contaminated lakes, reservoirs, rivers , landscape water and other open water bodies; 2. tap water and sewage treatment solution; 3. aquaculture water restoration. Its customers include Kunshan government, Tianjin government, Guangzhou government, etc.Bionano has established a international collaboration with Finland Research lab in Suzhou and granted by Jiangsu Province Tech Bureau. It has grown from 10 to 40 people in 2014.

ChemoPower Technology Pte Ltd

ChemoPower Technology Pte Ltd provides solutions based on a mixture of algorithm spectra spectrum of services and value-added services for the enterprise. Its technology gives a quick, general and efficient service of whole composition analysis and spectrum unfolding for traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical production R&D, food safety, environmental protection and other complex hybrid system. Its main product is the one-stop platform based on the network composition and chemical analysis.

Cremeworkz (Suzhou) Pte Ltd

Cremeworkz (Suzhou) Pte Ltd provides a cloud based subscription (SaaS) online ERP solution for manufacturing, services, repair, RMA production houses to managing their production flow, inventory, and to provide a tool to track each and every moving part/inventory. Real time reporting for Turn around time enables users to forecast consumption, inventory and sales.

GCoreLab Thermal Management Pte. Ltd

The company was founded by Prof. PS Lee, NUS professor. He was awarded of SIP Talent Grant in 2013. The company was established in Singapore on Sep 2010, and started to be incubated by NUSRI on Nov 2012. GCorelab has a licensing agreement with NUS on part of its technology. It is engaged in the research and development of thermal management system for the next generation electrical vehicles. GCoreLab’s engineering team had worked at leading OEMs in China and Singapore. Its researchers have decades of experience in cooling and battery research in US, Singapore and China. It is uniquely positioned to offer an end-to-end cooling and battery system for this emerging market. Its customers are public transport companies, like SIP PTC and Jingzhou PTC.

G Element Pte Ltd

G Element Pte Ltd is a software company specializes on solutions for smart buildings and cities. Its NUCLEUS is designed by an elite team with decades experience in programming. NUCLEUS is a software platform developed with know-how in multi-disciplines. These include computer graphics, computational geometry, computer vision, image processing, building and city structure, and software engineering. NUCLEUS implements the patent “System and Apparatus for Vicinity and In-building Visualization, Planning, Monitoring, and Exploring”, owned by G Element Pte Ltd.

Honesty&Faith Membrane Co. Ltd

The company was founded by Dr. Li Yi, who graduated from NUS with PhD, and was awarded of Talent Grant in 2009.  Faith&Hope Membrane Technology Co. Ltd was established in SIP. Its 4 founders have more than ten years’ experience in developing one-stop membrane filtration products. Its flagship product is solvent hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane and nanofiltration systems; small hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes; ultra filtration membrane and its system; MBR membrane modules and other systems. Its customers include BrightGene, CeramTec, BioTop, GenePharma, Changzhou University etc.

InvitroCue Pte Ltd

InvitroCue Pte Ltd offers in vitro DMPK and toxicology services using a spectrum of innovative cell culture models as well as analytical services of high-throughput digital pathology utilizing proprietary algorithms. Our proprietary HepatoCue and 3D CelluoSponge models are developed for the long-term culture of 3D primary hepatocyte spheroids, which resemble the in vivo situation. Its solutions can be applied in the realms of drug testing as well as the research and development of cosmeceuticals and medical devices.

Kai Square Technology Pte. Ltd

KAI Square specialize in helping companies to consolidate information, to achieve improved efficiency in handling massive amount of data, and to attain increased utility from their surveillance investments. Using our range of proprietary analytic systems, we are able to derive meanings of date extracted from various sensory devices, and translate them into alerts and reports that make sense to the users.Kaisquare obtained Series B round of SGD4million from a subsidiary of Foxconn and also Singapore’s leading telecommunication company SingTel.

MXR Technology Pte. Ltd

MXR Software Technology Pte Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the MXR) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on integration of AR (Augmented Reality, AR) technology and education. The company was founded by Dr. Steven Zhou, NUS professor, and was awarded SIP Talent Grant in 2010. MXR Software Technology Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in 2008, and started to develop the China market in 2010.

MXR owned 23 core intellectual property rights: 19 patents of independent research and development as well as 7 software copyrights, 4 exclusive rights of patents from the National university of Singapore about mixed reality tracking technology MXR has a number of technology patent protection ahead of its competitors currently. MXR is known as the first enterprise that realized the mixed reality technology in a commercial education product.

MXR launched a series of commercial products: wIzQubes and wIzDirector, that is to be used by many Singapore primary and secondary schools, and has been widely praised. In the field of publishing application, MXR developed simple and easy standard for AR publications and ISLI architecture editing tools -- Dream Editor, it can help realize the augmented reality (AR) technology in order that one can quickly produce and release content in multimedia. The project has been implemented in the traditional publications, PC and mobile terminal, and has been used by more than one hundred publishing group in China and abroad to make AR publications.

Compared with other mixed reality service providers, MXR’s advantage is mainly reflected in:

1. MXR has many complex testing environment detection technology and patent protection of intellectual property rights.

2. MXR’s SDK is easy to use, low cost, development time is only one six of the other competitors, almost not needing too much learning time.

3. With stable, efficient, and optimize design of the program, it can be used in new environment without too much changes;

4. MXR has the world’s first-class university research team of experts and scholars.

In 2016, MXR was recommended in the "augmented reality content production system and VR content production system of digital press and publication industry on transformation and upgrading of software technology service provider"’s recommended directory.

Till now, MXR has established cooperation with more than 100 world famous publishing group. In 2015, MXR won China's digital publishing technology "Annual Innovation Enterprise" title. In the same year, MXR was invited by SAPPRFT (State Administration of Press,Publication,Radio, Film and Television) to join in the establishment of AR publication industry standards.

PatSnap Technology Pte. Ltd

The company was founded by Jeffrey Tiong, who graduated from NUS,and was awarded of SIP Talent Grant in 2014.  The company was established in Singapore in 2007, and started to be incubated by NUSRI in 2011.  Patsnap provides products in patent search, analysis and management. Its products include: PatSnap patent search engine, Zhihuiya Chinese patent search engine, InnoSnap, and a customized patent system for organizations. Its Intellectual Properties services include patent reports, customized software, and IP training. There are over 100 employees in Suzhou, London, USA and Singapore. Its customers include universities like NUS, Beijing University, MIT, NTU, and industry leaders such as China Mobile, Haier, DSO etc. It has in 2014 obtained Series A round investment of SGD4.4million from Vertex which is related to Temasek investment of Singapore. It also reached a total worldwide group sales of close to Rmb20million in 2014.

Suzhou Sintelligent Electronic Technology Co. Ltd

Suzhou Sintelligent Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is an advanced medical device company. It was established in August 2016. The major product line of Sintelligent Electronic Ltd is advanced electronic medical capsules. Electronic medical capsule is a novel intelligent micro system that encompass a collection of advanced biomedical, sensing, information communications and packaging technologies. Nowadays, such kind of the electronic medical capsule product has become more and more popular and important in the human digestive tract medical examination due to the advantages of convenient examination, no trauma, no pain, no cross infection, no influence on the normal work of the subject, no blind area and etc.

Compared with the existing commercial products, the Sintelligent medical capsule has these four advantages shown below:

(1)     Wireless powering: getting rid of the traditional battery powering method, the Sintelligent medical capsule use wireless power transfer (WPT) technology as its powering system, which prolongs the operation time of this capsule in the human digestive tract. Moreover, compared with battery, WPT technology has no potential harm to the human beings.

(2)     Accurate positioning: Sintelligent medical capsule uses the advanced radio frequency (RF) technology to fulfill the function of in-vivo accurate positioning. With the help of the advanced localization technology, the position information can be collected with little problem so as to facilitate the possible follow on medical operation.

(3)     Magnetic-controlled movement: Sintelligent uses the advanced magnetic-controlled technology to fulfill the active movement of its medical capsule products. As the traditional commercial capsule products can only move with the movement of the human digestive tract, and as the result, active investigation is impossible. With the upcoming product of Sintelligent, the repeatable examination of a fixed position and even the accurate drug delivery can be easily done by the doctors.

Side Effects Asia Pacific(China) Pte Ltd

Side Effects Asia Pacific(China) Pte Ltd has developed the famous Houdini(3D computer graphics software).It is an effective tool of creating advanced visual effect, and is widely used in digital media, visual analysis, interactive simulation, entertainment. Suzhou Side Effects Asia Pacific(China) is going to provide standardized training course of special effects and certification for Chinese related enterprises and individuals.

Taidii Technology Pte. Ltd

The founder Wang Bin, graduated from NUS with M. Eng, B Eng. He was awarded of SIP Talent Grant in 2014. The company was established in Singapore in 2011, and started to be incubated by NUSRI on Aug 2013. Taidii combines  sensory technology, as well as mobile and social media platforms into a  ERP and CRM system for preschools. The product helps to automate many tasks, improve both the productivity and quality of preschools in safety, security, health and management of school children, school teachers and administrators. Tadii currently has a number of preschools as their customers in Singapore and China, including MindChamps Preschool, Agape etc.In 2014, it has established market presence in Shanghai and has close to 30 kindergardens as its initial customer based in China.

Ultrapower Electrics Co. Ltd

The founder is Dr. Xie Xian Ning, NUS professor and was awarded by SIP Talent Award in 2012. The founder owns the American patent of electricity saving membrane, which could be used in battery or other devices. Ultrapower Electrics Co. Ltd is established in SIP IN 2012. It develops advanced energy-saving materials and devices, andtakes new energy-saving devices system as their focus product– like super electric capacity, high-power capacitors, etc.  Its target customers are China new materials and energy saving industries.

Suzhou MetroHealth Medical Technology Co., LTD

Suzhou MetroHealth Medical Technology Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as MetroHealth) is the first professional medical affair service provider in China. MetroHealth fulfilled the medical gap between laboratories and bedside. MetroHealth is an innovative high-tech enterprise that offer professional services for clinical medical experts and the general medical technology companies in medical research and medical affairs. Since the company was founded in 2014, it has provided professional services for more than 60 clinical scientific research projects, more than 20 pharmaceutical enterprises, hospital network covering the whole country more than 200 hospitals, research centers, and has helped several innovation companies in clinical medical products. As the result, it has achieved clinical experts and industry’s consistent high praise. According to the requirements of clinical experts, MetroHealth has now developed the whole process of scientific research service and full range of medical services, to help improve clinical experts’ efficiency and quality. At the same time, it is helping enterprise to shorten time needed in clinical, clinical evidence and expert support for clinical medical experts and the general medical technology companies.

MetroHealth Milestones

Founded in Oct. 2014;

Locates in National University of Singapore, Suzhou Research Institute

Gained laurel in an international innovative competition

Invested by Cheetah Mobil (NYSE: CMCM)

Jun 2015

Served 14 medical strategy projects;

Certified CDISC Golden member;

Join ICHOM network (initialed by Harvard university and Karolinska Institute )

Mar 2016

Provided medical services and Products to institutional/ academic/ company projects up to 60+

Jun 2016

Collaboration with 200+ Tier III (Top Tiered) Hospital;

Invested by Bioclub 


Associate Incubatees

SA Biotech Pte. Ltd

The founder is Prof. Adam Yuan, NUS professor. He was awarded of SIP Talent Grant in 2012.SA Biotech (Suzhou) Pte Ltd is established in SIP in 2012. It aims to performa R&D and provide high quality recombinant animal vaccines to mainland China. SA Biotech is the first NUS related company that has obtained a China national level grant on biotech research. Its customers are Chinese veterinary medicine companies.

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