General Information
Author Instructions

Final manuscript submission

Authors whose paper are accepted must submit their final manuscripts following the procedure below by Mar 31, 2022, even no revision is needed. In order to include the paper in the IEEEXplore, an electronics copyright transfer needs to be finished also by Mar 31, 2022. One-page abstracts are exempted from the procedures.

Step 1: The final manuscript must be in the same format as the initially submitted paper (for review). Make sure that the manuscript including figures, tables, and references does not exceed the 3-page limit. The final manuscript must be a PDF file with the file size less than 3MB. Embed all fonts in the PDF file.

Step 2: The final manuscript PDF file must be checked by IEEE PDF eXpress before submission to ensure that it is IEEE Xplore-compliant. Please go to and have your PDF file checked. The Conference ID you need to enter is 52515X.

Step 3: The PDF file generated by IEEE PDF eXpress should be submitted to to complete the final manuscript submission. Pease go to the webpage of your paper at EDAS to initialize the copyright transfer and the file uploading (see below screenshot).

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Prepare Your Presentation
Each oral presentation is limited to 15 minutes for Regular Papers and 30 minutes for Invited Papers. The duration includes questions and answers (Q&As).
You are requested to log in the respective Zoom meeting at least 10 minutes prior to your session. The links of Zoom meetings will be released in the Program Book shortly.

Presentation Mode
You can choose to do live presentation or play your pre-recorded presentation video. For the latter one, you can also upload a copy of your pre-recorded video via EDAS by Apr 30, 2022, which will be played by us during the presentation as backup. This step is optional. In this case, however, you are still required to be present and attend the Q&A.
All papers must be presented at the conference in order to be included in the proceedings published in the IEEE Xplore.