General Information
Best Student Paper Contest

IEEE IMBioC2022 Best Student Paper Winners are listed as follows.

1. Ante Lojić Kapetanović, Giulia Sacco, Maxim Zhadobov, Dragan Poljak, Assessment of Area-Average Absorbed Power Density on Realistic Tissue Models at mmWaves (First Prize)
2. Haolin Zhang, Tong Zhang, Maokun Li, Fan Yang, Shenheng Xu, and Yeyu Cao, A Study on the Effect of Thorax Dilation in Microwave Thorax Imaging (Second Prize)
3. Yangtao Ye, Jingtao Liu, Zesheng Zhang, Changzhan Gu and Junfa Mao, A Novel Non-Contact Drunkenness Monitoring Method Based on A 24-GHz Interferometric Radar System (Second Prize)
4. Yue Ma, Hong Hong, Heng Zhao and Xiaohua Zhu, Non-Contact Multi-Target Vocal Folds Vibration Detection Based on MIMO FMCW Radar (Second Prize)
5. Dat T. Nguyen, Qihang Zeng, Xi Tian, John Ho, Non-Contact Vital Sign Monitoring with a Metamaterial Surface (Second Prize)