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InnovFest Suzhou 2018

—Promoting Innovation and Market Opportunities between
China’s “Belt and Road”& ASEAN Nations


       InnovFest Suzhou is a leading international Innovation and Entrepreneurship Festival in China that is hosted and organised by NUSRI (NUS Suzhou Research Institute) and the Block71 Suzhou. This event is committed to building a key cross-border platform to link China technology companies with innovations overseas, especially innovations from Singapore and beyond. Since 2015, InnovFest Suzhou has attracted more than 1600 participants from 735 organisations, showcased over 200 new innovation and technology projects from over 10 countries and regions.
       Coinciding with Singapore’s ASEAN presidency this year, and in partnership with the Jiangsu provincial government agencies, InnovFest Suzhou 2018 will share a series of technology, innovative products and services that are geared towards opportunities at China’s “Belt and Road”. This year’s event aims at linking the China and ASEAN innovation and entrepreneurship eco-systems and promoting innovation and market opportunities between the two regions. With this year’s focus regions, we aims to invite speakers and projects from various ASEAN countries that includes Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, etc to two days of roadshow, exhibition, networking and matching of innovation and market opportunities. In line with InnovFest Suzhou vision, other innovations and technology companies from North America, Europe and other parts from Asia are also invited.
       InnovFest Suzhou 2018 has four main focus areas which cover the current hottest topics and technology: Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical and Health, Smart Green City, and Technology Commercialisation. . During this two-day event you will be dazzled by all kinds of innovation keynotes, forums, project roadshow, product showcase, investment pitching, talent dialogues, networking lunches and dinners, industry visits, etc.
       Well known China and ASEAN universities and research institutes leaders, experts, researchers, leading entrepreneurs, industry association, leading investors and VCs from China and ASEAN countries will all be invited to this event, to promote innovation exchange between China and countries along the "Belt and Road", as well to create more opportunities for cross-border cooperation at this annual festival of innovation and entrepreneurship.
       We sincerely invite you to take time to participate in InnovFest Suzhou 2018!

Date:            20-21 June 2018

Venue:         NUSRI @ Dushu Lake, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China

Supporting Org:

Jiangsu Tech Department

Enterprise Singapore

Suzhou City Tech Bureau

Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore - Shanghai

SIP Tech and Information Development Bureau

NUS Enterprise

SIP Education Bureau

Temasek Foundation International

Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation Zone Management Committee

Suzhou Dushu Lake Entrepreneur University

International Strategic Technology Alliance

Suzhou Dushu Lake University Alliance

HongKong Poly University

Jiangsu Wuxi-Xinyi High-tech District management committee

In collaboration with:

Nanyang Technological University

Singapore University of Technology and Design

SIP Oversea League

Jiangsu Industrial Tech Research Institute

SIP Youth&Children Center


Suzhou Singaporean Club

Shanghai Singaporean Business Alliance


ECOVACS Business Robot

Suzhou Tidian Information Technology

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