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InnovFest Suzhou 2017 successfully held in NUSRI

On June 6, InnovFest Suzhou 2017 successfully held in The National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute.
Heavy weighted guests like Mr Loh Tuck Wai, Consul General of the Consulate-General of The Republic of Singapore in Shanghai, Mr Zhou Xu Dong, Deputy Secretary of the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) Party Working Committee, Ms Ji Jing, Deputy Director of the SIP Administrative Committee as well as other officials from SIP attended this event.


The InnovFest Suzhou is jointly organised by NUS Enterprise, NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute and the Singapore-China (Suzhou) Innovation Centre. It is an annual platform to showcase the leading technologies and enterprises in China, Singapore and other countries, facilitate the exchange of knowledge, and promote technology licensing and business collaborations and market opportunities in China. And this year is the third term of InnovFest Suzhou.


It is an event of high degree internationalization, more than 90 projects of science and technology from the United States, Britain, Singapore, Germany, Israel, Japan, etc.


In 2017, InnovFest focus on Biomedical, Intelligent manufacturing and intelligent hardware, New energy, environmental protection and water related technology, Digital new media industry and others .Aim to have collaborations and market feedback arising from the event.

4 parallel session,1 close door pitching, 80 roadshows, 60 match meetings, 50 exhibition booths of excellent start-up projects offered the attendees communication diversification mode to communicate.


This year, InnovFest Suzhou has attracted more than ten famous domestic and overseas universities like: Oxford University, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Beijing University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Southeast University, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, etc.

Famous enterprises, including Johnson & Johnson, BD, Bosch, Samsung, Flextronics, Asus, Haier, Midea joined. Together there were more than two hundred enterprises and famous investment institutions.


InnovFest Suzhou is committed to becoming one of China’s leading technology and startup platform to promote tech licensing and business collaboration at the eastern part of China. Based in Suzhou, this event reaches out to the many high tech businesses in Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang areas and will provide Singapore and overseas tech owners and companies a premium platform to find collaborators, partners and enterprise customers.


During the first day event, NUS Enterprise, NUSRI and Ascendas-Singbridge signed a tri-party MOU to introduce a new international advanced incubation mode into Suzhou and engine Suzhou’s globalization entrepreneur ecosystem.

Industry group, the national university of Singapore, national university of Singapore suzhou institute of take-off and star bridge group signed the memorandum of tripartite cooperation, introduce international advanced hatch pattern of suzhou, create vibrant international innovation entrepreneurship ecosystem;


NUS Smart Systems Institute and NUSRI signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the aspect of artificial intelligence application and industrialization and cooperation.

InnovFest Suzhou 2016 successfully held in NUSRI

On June 7, InnovFest Suzhou 2016 successfully held in The National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute.

Heavy weighted guests like SIP Director Mr. Yang Zhiping, Mr Loh Tuck Wai, Consul General of the Consulate-General of The Republic of Singapore in Shanghai, Mr Yu Jiqiang, Deputy Director of SIP Tech Development Bureau, Mr Jiang Weiming, Deputy Director of the SIP Administrative Committee as well as other officials from SIP attended this event.

There are two highlights of this event: one is the high degree of internationalization, more than 60 technology projects from NUS, NTU, Oxford University, North America and all around the world have participated. Second, the focus of science and technology is prominent. Science and technology projects focus on five emerging strategic areas: water technology, environmental science and technology, new energy technology, biotechnology and industry 4.0 intelligent hardware.

For the exhibitors, more than 100 enterprises,including some world's top 500 companies like Bosch, Flextronics (Flex), Canadian Solar and Positec, have participated this event. This year’s participants is over 500, there was 40+ on-site technical (projects) displays, more than 30 high-tech roadshow. InnovFest Suzhou is committed to become the world's top technology and the internationalization of Chinese enterprises docking exchange platform, service of science and technology, ndustry two-way communication between two countries, and for more to promote Singapore and international outstanding scientific and technological achievements to setup and develop in Suzhou.

After the event, NUSRI will organize business management institutions, investment companies to evaluate excellent science and technology projects and provide business support, in order to help outstanding science and technology projects at an early stage in Suzhou to be incubated to high tech innovation enterprise.

Singapore-China Technology & Enterprise Roadshow 2015 Successfully Held at NUSRI

On 26th to 27th May, Singapore-China Technology & Enterprise Roadshow has been successfully held at NUSRI. The grand event was attended by Mr ONG Siew Gay, Consul-General, Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore-Shanghai, Mr LAW Chung Ming, Group Director, China Group of International Enterprise Singapore, Mr CHNG Ken-Wei, Centre Director (China) of Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore,   Mr LI Yinong, Deputy Director of SIP Administrative Committee, Mr CAI Jianfeng, Deputy Director of Suzhou Municipal Science & Technology Bureau, Mr XU Wenqing, Deputy Director of SIP Science & Technology Bureau, Mr JIANG Weiming, Deputy Director of SIP Science & Education Innovation District, and Mr YAO Jianxin, Chairman and General Manager of Dushu Lake Science and Education Development Company.

The two-day fair has attracted over one hundred technology enterprises that include companies like Flextronics (World Top 500) and mainstream business management institutions, and technological representatives from over ten international academic institutions to participate. The roadshow covers a wide range of advanced technologies, including 3D printing, nano-filtration membranes technology, functional food, electronic manufacturing services, intellectual property analytics and management, Geo-contextual video management, arsenic contaminated water treatment, and vitro DMPK and toxicology services, etc.. As driven by SIP’s innovative strategy, the roadshow aims to bring together a fusion of international and local technological resources so as to forge a high standard technological sharing and exchange platform.

NUSRI hopes such roadshow can help to provide a platform and eco-system for local companies in SIP to solve the difficulties in technological transformation and upgrading. On the other hand, it will also bring in technologies from NUS, Singapore and from the world through the NUS network, thus providing market access and potential technology licensing opportunities to good quality technologies developed outside China for the China market. This will help turn SIP into China’s leading R&D and incubation centre. After the event, NUSRI will follow up with participants to promote technology licensing and incubation in Suzhou.